Cannot supply meter readings today as I am else ware on this planet will submit readings

The 16th Feb will be the day I send you readings for both E and G please comment .
Regards ,
Patrick .

Hi @Patrick71, is this your account opening readings?

If you can’t/don’t submit them for your switch date, I believe estimated readings will be used. You can submit readings 5 days either side of your switch date though. If it’s a couple of days out from that, I’d still just take readings before you go away and submit those as they’ll be close enough and probably closer than the estimates that would be used otherwise.

If it’s not your account opening readings, don’t worry about it, just submit them whenever you can. You don’t need to submit readings when they ask you to, you just need to do it regularly. Your bills will just be slightly more accurate if you submit readings a few days before your payment date.

@Patrick71 I hope you enjoy being elsewhere on this planet. As @mowcius mentions, we’re quite chilled out about getting readings from you (especially after you give your opening read).

Some people give readings every few months or even just twice a year, and that’s fine.