Can't access account, need final bill, moved home - No response to me!!

I’ve been sending emails for the past two weeks but haven’t got a response, and everytime I’ve rang up there’s been a technical error or I’ve been put on hold 15+ minutes!

I’m unable to access any details for the account linked to my email address.

I recently moved house and I informed bulb online about this move - so I opened up a new account for my new address using the same email.

I submitted meter readings for the new house whenever we moved in, taken on the 5th of June and a direct debit was set up.

I also then emailed before the 18th of June (exit date for old home) that I was unable to submit meter readings to the previous property due to my new account using the same email - however I emailed the meter readings so that the final bill could be sent.

I’ve now lost access to both accounts. I’m STILL waiting on a final bill for my old property and my first bill for my new home is due on the 5th of July…but I can’t get into my account now (goes straight to the community page) and I’ve got no replies from bulb on any of these issues!

Seen today that my direct debit is still being taken out for my new property on the 5th of July, can’t even access my account to submit meter readings!

Still no reply from Bulb!! 4 emails over the course of 2 weeks and rang several times! What is this customer service for someone that’s been with them already for nearly 2 years?