Cant access account - need to submit meter reading


I’m new to online energy accounts.

I keep receiving emails asking for my meter readings but everytime I try to log onto my account the only option I have is to look at the community pages.

I emailed the help department 2 days ago but have not received a reply to date.

However I have had another email reminder for a meter reading telling me that it only takes 20 seconds to submit a reading. Oh the irony.

Can someone urgently help please? I’m getting anxious about this.

You will need to phone bulb on Monday(0300 30 30 635) and ask for an account reset. This is an issue that bulb have been unable to resolve for well over a year.
Don’t bother with emails as they are very, very slow to respond(if at all)
No need for YOU to feel anxious, as this is a problem entirely of Bulbs own making.
You could try live chat(on monday)

Hi @Newcomer welcome to Bulb and Bulb Community :wave:

You should receive an email in the next few minutes to access your online account and you’ll then be able to submit readings. Please let me know if you have any trouble doing this.

Hi skippy64.

Thanks for your post and advises

Hi Matthew

The password reset has worked allowing me to submit the meter reading.

Thank you for your help


Hi just to say I had same issue now resolved

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@Newcomer thanks for letting me know that you’re now able to access your account properly :+1:

@Barbara sorry to hear you had the same issue, but I’m glad it’s been resolved for you

Hi Bulb team,

I’m having the same issue, could you possibly reset my account too?


Hi @nickhowchen, you should receive this email in the coming couple of minutes, so you can log in :+1:

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