Can't access bulb account

Hi, i seem to be in some awful loop where i go to the Bulb sign in page, enter my email nothing happens. Enter email then press ‘enter’ and i get sent a link to the email address i am registered with that i can use once in 24hrs. I click on it and go back to the same bulb page asking me to enter my email address again, i do that press return and end up with another link that does the same thing. Alternatively i choose ‘reset password’, i get sent a a link via email, i follow the link, i reset password and it still doesn’t give me access. I have tried this several times and i still cannot access my account to enter meter readings. Anyone know what is going on? I used to access my access with no problems for months up until last week. This is getting frustrating! Funnily enough when asking this question in the community it recognised by email and password so i could post this message! Stef1885

Hi I’m having same problem. Has yours been resolved

No, i am going to phone them today, will update if i get an answer…

me too can;'t log on. I’m a new customer and this is my initial readings I need to input as part of the process of transferring. Not good.

There seems to be a general issue with the website. If I use Chrome I can log in but when it displays the dashboard there’s a spinning waiting cursor and it’s not possible to click or action anything. If I use Edge then I can log in ok but the dashboard this time is just totally unresponsive in that you can’t click on anything not even to logout. Anyone from Bulb care to comment?

it’s finally started working again now if you refresh.

@Stef1885 Did you manage to get an answer when you called in? If not I can try and see what the issue is with your login.

@DerekP It can sometimes be that the cache needs to be refreshed if it is browser specific, should help you if you haven’t done it before.

@DanP at Bulb, I also experienced the spinning loading icon of doom the other day and it was most definitely a Bulb end issue.

I still get the site logging me out periodically and then not letting me back in again although I can’t provide specifics on date or time as I rarely actually go into my MyBulb account.

@mowcius There are occasionally downtimes in our system that causes spinning loading icons of doom. Your login attempt may have coincided with this particular short downtime.

@DanP at Bulb, do you have a status page for monitoring issues so customers can confirm whether or not it is their system or Bulb’s systems which are at fault?