Can't access my account

When I put my email address in and then press the link it goes to bulb but I just get a screen saying community/help/log out
So can’t get into my account
Any ideas ?

Hi @donna9893 this might be related to your browser cache. Which internet browser are you using to access MyBulb?

I’ve just got this too. They don’t answer the phone on saturdays so I was hoping to find an answer here. Can you remember how you sorted yours out?

I have the same problem. If anyone know she answer can you please post. Thanks

Same problem here, I can’t access, my dashboard is re-directing me to this community.

I can’t believe this bug dates back over 2 years and is still going.

I am having the same problem, I have even downloaded the app but cannot log in on there either.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Same!!! Trying to get to my account and only get this page