Can't cancel switch, getting no response from Bulb

I’d like to cancel my switch to Bulb but haven’t received any response to emails or live chat recently at all. I also can’t log in to my account, when I try it just tells me to contact help@ as there’s a problem with my account which is just sending me round in circles.
Can someone from Bulb help me please?

Double check the email you will have got from your current supplier. I am sure you can contact them to cancel it.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go. Although part of my reason for trying to move away from my current provider was their slow customer service so I don’t hold out much help there.
If anyone from Bulb reads this though - I still would like this to be fixed at source with you, so would still like a response to this, my online chat message, my emails etc please.

Hi @liam.wells3108,

I’ve cancelled your switch to Bulb and closed down your direct debit. You’ll have also received an email confirming this.

We’re sorry to hear that you no longer want to join Bulb, if there’s anything that I can do to help, please let me know.

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Thanks @William_at_Bulb.
I’m cancelling because my previous provider has blocked half the switch and its gonna take up to 6 weeks to resolve. I don’t want to split gas/electric between multiple providers so will just look at switching both again later.

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Hi @liam.wells3108,

No worries, hopefully your issue can be resolved soon.

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I move from house to another country. I must cancel direct debit and finish with bulb

why is problem with communication with bulb???

@chrastinova.lenka1 You should ideal phone Bulb with regards to this. You are more likely to get your account canceled quickly this way. Option 1 will get them to call you back, which has always worked for us.

yes, but my English is not good. but for me is very important cancel direct debit for bulb

@William_at_Bulb I haven’t had an email about the cancellation and I’m still getting emails asking for a meter reading, can you sort please?

Hi @chrastinova.lenka1,

It doesn’t look like your Bulb Account is linked to the email address on your Community account, therefore I’ve just dropped you a personal message to confirm a few more details.

If you’re moving out of your property, you can let us know on the move-out page of your Bulb Account.

Once you’ve done this, we’ll send your final bill within 4 to 6 weeks. Don’t cancel your Direct Debit during this time. If you have credit in your account, we’ll refund this to your bank account, and if you’re in debit we’ll need one last payment.

Hi @liam.wells3108,

We’ve received confirmation from your previous supplier, that the switch has been cancelled for both fuels.

I’ve also made sure that you won’t receive anymore emails from us regarding the switch - sorry for the confusion here.

yes, because I can’t make rigister and I don’t know why. I pay every month via direct debit. and I would like make finish with Bulb. I not happy with help from this company. I will be move and I don’t want pay I don’t will be here. my address is _____________

Hi @William_at_Bulb,
I’ve now had a payment of £66.46 taken from my account by bulb despite you saying that the switch has been cancelled. You have not provided any energy yet have taken money from my account. Can you please ensure this is refunded immediately and my switch actually cancelled? I shouldn’t have to ask this many times

Hi @William_at_Bulb , can you cancel my switch to bulb please!?

Hi @lmarcusmanl96,

Your switch to Bulb was completed yesterday. If your account was switched in error, please could you drop me a message so that we can send your supply back to your previous supplier.

If you’ve just signed up to Bulb and would like to cancel a switch, you’re able to do this through your Bulb Account, anytime during the 14 day cooling off period.

Hi @William_at_Bulb i beleive there was some confusion with the switch, if you could switch us back that would be perfect!

@lmarcusmanl96 Please could you explain, in a bit more detail, the reason why the switch was initiated in error?

To send off an erroneous transfer request to your previous supplier, we need to include a bit more information about the situation.

If you’ve simply changed your mind about the switch and didn’t tell us within the cooling off period, then you’ll need to initiate a standard switch back to your previous supplier. You can do this as normal through another supplier’s website. We would recommend waiting a couple of days before doing this, as there can be industry delays if you switch too soon.