Can't connect to SmartThings

Whenever I try to add the Bulb device in the SmartThings app, after entering the GUID number I always get ‘Network or server error occurred. Try again later’. Any suggestions? Phone and IHD are on the same WiFi connection.

Same here. Rebooted everything multiple times.
Network is 100% not the issue.

Same here, I suspect the IDH device hardware / software / firmware is poorly implemented. It seems to be from a pretty small company so I wouldn’t image they have very high hardware design or coding standards. In general the device is a bit cheap !

Yeah same here as well. I’ve tried with several different routers with different network names. I’ve tried two different phones as well as trying to connect it on a Samsung galaxy 4 tablet and it comes up with that error as well.

I’m wondering if it’s a problem with the smartthings app though as the IHD does come up with the pass phrases that it’s supposed to?

SmartThings was working fine for me for over a week, but since last night it also fails to connect with the same error message.

This may be a global issue at Samsung’s end. I’d try again tomorrow.

In other news I noticed that the Daily usage graph for my gas supply is no longer rounded to the nearest cubic metre, so they are clearly making fundamental changes to their system as they try to get this all working.

I can log in again now.

By fluke it connected this afternoon. I’m now stuck at this. The bottom bit shows basic info when tapped but the top part is just stuck at getting latest data as in the screenshot?

Update on SmartThings

I can not get the IHD6 the pair to my account, I go to the pair CAD to account in the settings and all i get is “…waiting” but i never get the pass phrase to put into the smarthings app.
I have tried on multiple occasions waiting upto a hour or more but still get same message.
The IHD6 is connected to the internet and i’m receiving data so it connected to Bulb OK but nothing works to get the pairing data. The IHD6 was supplied on the 30th Dec 2019 so it should have the latest firmware on board and it has been restarted several times now.
In the account section its says it’s waiting for the CIN - Customer Information Number, so whether that is related to the issue I don’t know but it obviously is connected to our account to retrieve the usage data.

Unfortunately, your new IDH would have been made a few months ago so even though it is a new install, it will have an older firmware when it was made. It probably has firmware 1.7 like my new one installed on 27th December 2019. The latest firmware is 1.9 .

Just checked and its on the latest version IHD6-CAD-PPMID 1.4 CAD 1.9

Hi @pauls999

Do you have any kind of ad-blocker or “parental control-style” restrictions on your home WiFi which may be stopping the passphrase from coming through?
Am assuming that SmartThings and IHD are on the same WiFi network (and I think for the IHD it needs to be 2.4GHz)?

No, nothing is setup on the Wifi as a blocker. The SmartThings are on the same network but I cant get that far because i can connect my SmartThings to my account without the passphrase which never arrives in the IHD6. I tried contacting Bulb but have had no reply from over a week ago.