Can't contact Bulb

I can see that some members have been able to contact Bulb on the phone which I would like to be able to do, I have been a member for about a month now and was unable to send my opening gas meter reading as there is no button on their website to submit this, I would like to submit this. What is the correct contact telephone number please? the live chat doesn’t work, it’s an absolute joke.

I have always been in control of my usage and have switched to Bulb because I thought they were cheaper and fair and only charge me for what I was using. The person who recommended them said that their payments were reduced after the first couple of months but I don’t see why I’m being asked to pay extra each month compared to what I’m actually consuming while they learn about my usage. I have plenty of data about my usage which I can share now!!

All I can see are very angry and disgruntled customers and I am regretting making this switch now, I’ve already paid £15 more this month in my bill than I would have with my previous provider and I would like this to stop ASAP.

I can see that many members are cancelling their direct debit and I’m wondering if it would be worth me doing this also.
Would this guarantee that I only pay for what I use as calculated from my meter readings? and how, when I cannot submit the gas one anywhere?

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