Can't download statements

Using both Avast and Edge browsers my statements fail to download correctly and cant be opened. Anyone else having this problem? How do you fix it?

Not working for me either with Firefox. This seems to be a new problem.

@“Eleanor at Bulb” looks like the job list for 2019 is expanding already!

@Hooloovoo We enjoy the challenge!

Thanks for letting us know @Heppie. This is something a few of our members have pointed out this morning and our tech team are investigating it as we speak. I’ll keep you updated.

We’ll ensure that all members have an up to date statement this month.

Not working for me either with Firefox. This seems to be a new problem.

Just downloaded my statement with Firefox, looks as if problem has been resolved?

Looks like it’s been fixed now. Cheers, Bulb.

Beat me to it!

Thanks for your help everyone.

You’ll be able to download your statements in your Bulb account. Just head to the ‘payments and statements’ section.

I still can’t download the statement on my account - doesn’t even give me the option. I’ve tried this on Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 22.15.28

You have a different problem to what is described on this thread. You can download statements, the problem is you just don’t actually have any! Contact Bulb and ask why you’ve not had a statement in at least 3 months. You should have a PDF statement sent to you monthly, both via email and downloadable from your account portal.