Can't find my gas meter?

Hi Everyone,
I have been with bulb for over 12 months, however I can’t find my gas meter? Landlord said the handyman would know but he didn’t. I want to give bulb an up to date reading as it’s winter and don’t want to get a huge Bill. Can anyone help?

What sort of property are you in?

Hi @RichyB
A 1st floor flat the building used to be one house I believe does that help?

possibly a ccupboard in the communal entrance hall?

Hi @liammg1122

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I have looked on the national database and the location is down as ‘cupboard’

Is there a communal meter cupboard for all the flats? Or it could be in a sneaky cupboard in your property.

I recommend checking every nook and cranny and it will show up!

When you find it, if you take a photo to send us the read that would be great.

Thank you,

Hi @Mel_at_Bulb can you confirm that was for the A or my property and not the B downstairs? As I’ve really looked inside today and there’s nothing. To add to the confusion my housemate has informed me that we had a reading done last year by our old supplier and after 15 mins of looking the reader decided to give up. Downstairs have said there’s is in a cupboard but we just don’t seem to be having any luck: Thanks

Crisis aborted - hidden in my housemates bedroom HA! Thanks Mel