Cant have an electric smart meter on its own

Hi. I am on dual fuel. I want an electric smart meter. But when you apply it asks whether the gas meter is within 10m of the electric meter. If not the gas one cant communicate with the electric one.

My gas meter is more than 10m away. And because of that they say they cant install an electric smart meter.

i dont get this, if i was only on electricity then shouldnt i be able to get a smart meter.


Hi @bulbareuseless1 - welcome back to Community :wave:

I’m afraid we can’t install smart gas meters alone, it would have to be either electricity or gas and electricity.

Gas meters send their readings through a communications hub which sits on top of the electricity meter, so if your gas meter is more than 10m away from your electricity meter, it won’t be able to send us readings right now.

New models of communications hubs are being developed by the smart network (The DCC) currently and once released will allow us to install smart meters in a wider range of homes. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can read about these new communications hubs on the DCC website.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Megan

I am only interested in the electric smart meter only.

Why can’t you do that? And then gas is just manual readings.

Why is just changing my electric meter impossible. You can see from my side it just seems crackers.


@bulbareuseless1 isn’t asking you to install a standalone gas smart meter; precisely the opposite in fact - it’s a standalone electricity smart meter he wants, which you state is an option.

When meters are physically separated, why not choose to position the comms hub somewhere between the two instead of locating it next to the electricity meter, or even put it next to the gas meter (which has the weaker ability to connect).

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Hi @bulbareuseless1 and @stevefoster

Sorry about that.

To confirm, unfortunately we are only able to do smart installs when we can exchange both meters, so couldn’t just install electricity in this case.

They also need to be under 10 meters apart for the exchange to take place.

In regards to the communications hub, they are manufactured to sit on top of the electricity meter and can’t be separated from it. As megan said, new models of hub are being produced so this may be something that is available in the future.

-Ele :bulb:

Thanks for the response but…

But then how do you handle someone who does not have gas? Are you saying that a new customer has to have gas?

What do you do with electricity only customers? Surely you provide them with a smart meter?


Hi @bulbareuseless1

It works so that if you have a home with electricity and gas then we only do smart exchanges if we can exchange them both together.

If you are an all-electric property then, of course, we just install the electric smart meter.

I am sorry for the confusion on this.

If you have any more questions then please let me know,

–KT :bulb:

If a customer has electricity only they can have a smart meter but if they’re on dual-fuel and the gas isn’t suitable for a smart meter they can’t have a smart meter for electricity?

That’s madness. I thought the aim was to get everyone on smart meters. What’s the reason for this? Can’t be a cost thing if Bulb would send Siemens to a do a single meter exchange for a single-fuel customer.

What the situation if the customer had his gas supplied by another company? Would Bulb still refuse an electricity smart meter? This doesn’t sound right at all.

Exactly my point Norman7115.
I have yet to receive one sensible response from Bulb as to why a house with only electricity can get a smart meter but if you have gas and electricity you can’t get an electric smart meter.
There is no common sense here.
I thought it was my right to have a smart meter.
It sounds like Bulb just don’t want to do it.

Hi @bulbareuseless1,

So I have spoken with our metering team and been through your account. I can see we couldn’t install smart meters because your gas and electricity are over 10 meters away from each other meaning they wouldn’t be able to communicate.

In the future, we hope to stock smart meters which communicate over a larger distance. But if we install your electricity meter now, it will not be compatible with the future model we use in these cases, which would require us to exchange it again. So our policy is not to install electricity-only smart meters when there is a gas meter in the property.
This does mean you will be waiting longer to get a smart meter, but it also means that when we can install smart for you, you’ll have full smart functionality.

Please let me know if you have any further questions about this,

KT :bulb: