Can't log in to my accounts

I am new to bulb,I have prepay meter I received my gas card but not electricity key. I received an email from bulb which says if you haven’t received your key click send me another one when I click on that asks me to log in but when Isign in it takes me to community so annoying not good start and not happy with it as my credit will run out and I will be left with out electicity.

Hi @ACooper,

I’m really sorry for this experience. I’ve reset your login and sent you a reset password email so you will not be able to login to the account, once you follow those steps on the email.

Also, if you’re running low on credit you will still be able to use your old suppliers key to top up. It is only when you put our key/card in for the first time will it reconfigure the meter to our key/card.