Cant log in

I can’t seem to log in to mybulb. I tried with my password, which it doesn’t recognise. I tried to reset it but received no email (I checked junk folder). I tried to get an email link sent to me to log in but it said my email isn’t recognised even though it’s where all my bulb communication goes. Please help.

Hi @jess273 , sorry to hear you’re having some trouble logging in. I’ve taken a look and it looks like there was a mismatch in the emails used. Your MyBulb account was associated with your 'aol’account, while your account in our system was associated with your ‘gmail’ account. I’ve matched them up to be connected to the ‘aol’ account. If I was wrong in this assumption, please let me know and I can change it. I’ve sent off a magic link to your aol account that should get you access to your MyBulb.