cant open pdf for statements

I am trying to read my statements for October and November but the system isn’t opening them. All other statements open just fine

There are many factors that could be causing this. without more information can’t really say, & could speculate until the cows come home.

what Device & Operating System are you using to do this?

What software are you using to access the pdf?

Are you trying to view the pdf online or are you saving/downloading the file onto a hard drive?

Have you tried doing an Internet search with some of the details? if not I would suggest doing so.

I too am unable to open statements for October & November, did you solve this problem.

If it helps, I am able to view my statements (from both email and from the Bulb account) for October and November using Google Chrome (which renders PDFs) on my Mac.

It is possible your PDFs got corrupted during their creation for some reason (after spending a couple of days last week looking at the PDF specifications, I’m not surprised this happens sometimes) - if you drop Bulb an email (see ), I’m sure they’ll be able to force a regeneration [insert TARDIS sound effect here :wink: ] - but it’ll be worth letting them know what sort of computer/phone you are using and what you are using to try and open the PDFS so they can double check things from their end before sending them on to you. (It is also possible third party software - such as anti-virus - could be blocking/corrupting the PDF for some reason: so it’s worth checking those - I had a problem last week with the Chrome Adblock Plus extension just randomly blocking all webpages after a few minutes!).