Can't order Smart Meter


I am keen to move onto the EV Tarif, but can’t without a smart meter. If I try to book a Smart Meter I get the following reply, before the system even asks me any questions.

(New users can’t upload photos, but it says “Unfortunately we’re currently unable to book a Smart Meter installation. Please try again later”

I have had the same message for 5 months. How much “later” do I need to try?

Does anyone know why this might be?


I’ve had the same issue for 3 years I’ve tried to get one fitted as I’m on prepayment when I last spoke to someone last year all I got told was “ they wasn’t sure why but they would put my name on a list for an engineer to contact me” still waiting months later!

Hi @robbo100 & @stephaniieleiigh :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch. There are a few reasons why we may not be able to install smart meters for you. The first is that there is not enough signal in your area for smart meters. If this is the case for you, this should have been made clear when trying to book via your online account.

Currently however the larger issue is that we are experiencing very high demand for smart meter installations, meaning that all of our upcoming appointment slots are booked up. Our metering team are currently working through the backlog of jobs that need to be booked, so if you are on the waitlist, we will be getting that booked in for you, but it may take slightly longer than we would like at the moment due to the really high demand.

Thank you both for your patience with this, I appreciate that it is frustrating but we are doing everything we can to get these meters installed for you asap.

-Luke :bulb: