Cant pay bill? What happens

What happens when cant pay bill? I’m £418 in debt this months bill is due what happens when cant pay it ?do we get cut off?

Various good folks online can help with debt to energy suppliers,the good folks at “Let’s Talk” a Charis Charity will also provide a free fridge/freezer,a free washing machine,a free gas cooker,a free electric cooker if you qulify,and ask them,stop WORRYING,amd enquire online,GOOD LUCK,stay safe,Regards,Ray


Hi @sarahgrace198831 :wave:,

We appreciate this is a challenging time but we will never cut off your electricity or gas supply. If you’re struggling with payments we can look into your account and suggest some options. We’re also making a note of members who are in financial difficulty and can do so if you think this applies to you.

If you haven’t done so already we would recommend giving up to date readings then we can charge you accurately rather than using estimates. You can also lower your payments in your Bulb account to £5.

Let me know if you’ve got any more questions or concerns. :slightly_smiling_face: