Can't read gas meter

Hi bulb,
Tried to read my gas meter this evening - it’s the red/black button smart meter type from British gas - and after pressing the red A button and seeing the ‘credit on’ message, going to the ‘meter index’ just shows X’s. Pressing black B gives another Please Wait message, but just goes to Credit On again and still all X’s.

Please advise.


Hi @simon645,

That doesn’t sound good at all.

Would be great to see the error on the meter on a photo. Could you send a photo of the meter (preferable a couple showing what the meter shows at each step) into ?

We will take you through the next steps once we’ve had a quick look.

Cheers, Rob


Just sent email to help with photos.


Thanks @simon645

Just emailed you about booking a meter exchange to get this fixed.

We’ll leave this community post here and arrange things through the emails.

All the best,