Can't set up payment

When I log into my Bulb account, I am taken to a page which says:

“You’re signed in as: [my email] Go to Community > Or you can [sign in to your Bulb account] with a different email.”

According to the URL, that page is meant to be the Payment settings on my Dashboard, but the only options I get when I log into my Bulb account is to visit the community. I tried going to the Bulb Home and then logging in from the front page, but it just takes me back to the “You’re signed in as” page.

I have received a welcome back with the details of my plan which says that my first payment is due on the 1st of October.

Hi @bms.smith

Sorry about this. I’ve sent you an email with a password reset - this should hopefully fix the issue. You just need to go here to log in:

If you need to set up a payment you can do that here:

This should work but let me know if not

Hello - thank you very much. The issue has been solved now.

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