Can't start new smart rate

had new smart meter fitted 5 days ago, seems to work ok
account still has old day and night rate tariff, tried to switch to new 3 rate smart tariff but will not happen (error message please try later)

@michaelbrown513 Hi Michael - your smart meter will be on the same rates as your previous meter. We aren’t yet offering the smart tariff for SMETS2 meters, only specific compatible SMETS1 meters. You should receive an email when we’re offering this for SMETS2.


I believe I encountered the same error this morning. I have a SMETS2 meter installed and would like to sign up for smart tariff so I can charge my car more cheaply overnight. I get an “Unfortunately we are unable to process your smart sign up. Please try again later” message when trying to sign up.

If smart tariff won’t be available for SMETS2 for a while it would be good to at least update the error message or, perhaps simpler, add a clearer notice during the sign-up process.