Can't submit electricity meter readings since updated electricity meter installed

Hi, Since Bulb installed our smart electricity and gas meters and gave us an IHD we have been unable to submit meter readings as the previous meter gave readings that were higher than the new meter, so when I submit electricity readings i get a message saying its less than the last reading and to send a picture as proof. I have sent pictures for the last 3 months and they still use estimated readings and never update the electricity meter readings with the new submission.
any help will be very much appreciated

Kind regards


Hi John,

Not much help, but I’m having exactly the same issue. Cannot get a contact number for Bulb to discuss, and they didn’t install an in-home display either so I cannot see a thing (the concierge look at the meter readings).

Nothing I can do so really need someone from Bulb to get back to me.


Does the contact number on the contact us page, linked from the main help page, not work? Assuming you’ve had at least one statement, all the contact details are printed on that PDF too.