Can't submit meter reading, usage history vanished and no bill/statement in December


Been an account holder for multiple years, however as of ~2-3 weeks ago I can no longer:

  • View usage history (‘We don’t have enough data to draw a graph yet’)
  • Any price changes or account update letters show up to 2018.
  • I cannot submit a meter reading, I just see a blue screen.
  • No statement or bill was generated this month, even though I provided meter readings via online chat.
  • I raised the below issue with online chat, but doesn’t look like it’s been fixed.
  • I’ve tried multiple browsers, devices.

On checking the console, looks like something is pretty broken your end.

What is your ETA on fixing this?

“index.js:3757 Unhandled (in react-apollo) Error: GraphQL error: Cannot read property ‘map’ of undefined
GraphQL error: Request failed with status code 500
at new t (
at t.currentResult


Bulb folks - what’s the eta on this being fixed?

Even though I provided real meter readings via customer chat, you still billed with an estimated reading.

Why can’t I submit readings online? Why has half of the functionality on my account stopped working?

Hello - what’s the status here?

Hi @Badgerc

I have flagged this up to the relevant team, they have looked into a few things that should have solved the problem however it looks like the issue is ongoing.

The team will continue to fix this, if nothing changes in the next 3 days please let us know.