Can't submit meter reading


I am trying to submit an electricity meter reading but I receive the following error.

Error Message

Your reading looks lower than we expected…
Could you just double check to make sure it’s correct?

Make sure you’re reading the correct meter. Your electricity meter will have “kWh” written on it, and your gas meter will have “m3” or “ft3”.

Once you’re happy, go ahead and submit. We’ll take a look and get back in touch if we need to.

Note: My current meter reading that I am entering is lower than the estimated reading given for this month.

Hi @carlene you are able to go ahead and submit it - we can then see the read that you have entered.

It looks like we got an estimated read for you changeover as we didn’t get the technical details of the meter in time to send yours off.

We can pop your read on your account ASAP as soon as you send it in :slight_smile: