Can't understand this

I so don’t understand these bills I joined the other month, to pay my gas and electric, my bill has increased to double the estimate given, I’m paying more in my 2bedroom house,(just moved) than I did for a 3bedroom house which was all electric and my heating was on 12 hours a day, my gas heating is only on 2 hours in the morning and 5 hours in the evening and I’m paranoid about making sure everything is off that is not getting used, so unless my cats and dogs are partying when I’m out I don’t understand why it has gone up to double the price, I would be grateful for any help or advice. Thank you

Hi @mandyspike, thanks for utilising Community! :wave:

I can see that we only recently took over your electric, which is why the payment amount may have altered. We use a third parties estimation on your annual usage to work out your payment amount if we don’t have our own data, and it looks like this is high. Of course, your usage might not actually be as high as this, so I’m willing to alter your payment amount to be more reflective of your actual usage rather than historic estimations.

I’ve sent you an email now, please reply to it there when you can so we can get this sorted for you.