Capped Gas


I have just moved into a property and the gas has been capped due to it being empty for some time before me moving in.

Does anyone know who to contact to get this sorted? Or if Bulb (my new supplier) will send someone to do this?


When we had a gas leak in an old house (renovation work resulted in a drill going through an internal gas pipe), we called the gas leak emergency line (0800 111 999) which came and ‘capped’ our meter for safety. We then had to get a ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineer ( ) to first ‘make good’ the hole (he just disconnected that pipe) and then uncapped the meter.

I would assume you’ll need to get a gas safe engineer as well - as long as the capping is on ‘your side’ of the meter (which is most likely): if it’s on the ‘inbound’ side before the gas goes into the meter, then you’ll need to contact Bulb/local distribution agency as they are the only ones allowed to work on the ‘utility’ side of it.

@MrsSmith @RichyB is correct. If the capping is on the incoming supply from outside (before the meter) your gas distribution network will be able to uncap it.

If it’s on the internal side (after the meter, on internal pipes), a gas safe engineer will be able to uncap it.