Car charging

Is there going to be an off peak tariff for electric car charging. Can this be done with smart meter or need economy 7


My smart meters aren’t compatible with the bulb smart tariff, need to get them changed again . You would think the company’s would all have the same type and be compatible. The cost must be expensive to keep changing out these meters.

As far as I’m aware, Bulb can’t yet support Economy 7 or the Bulb Smart Tariff for the new smart meters they’re currently installing. Although the meters themselves are capable of it.

So if you’re staying with Bulb, swapping smart meters won’t immediately solve your problem, unless you’re prepared to pay £120 for an Economy 7 meter.

Just wish the companies would select 1 meter to cover all tariffs, seems a massive waste or tech and resources

The SMETS2 smart meters being installed by all energy suppliers are capable of handling almost any kind of tariff, but the suppliers have to be able to support them.

Bulb are not currently set up to offer E7 or their smart tariff on the new meters but the meters themselves have the capability.