Car Wrap Advertising

Would it be an idea to promote using community members electric cars as mobile advert by way of car wrapping. A local company do it and the cars are very noticeable around town.

I’m not sure how many of us would be willing to wrap our cars for Bulb for free. Maybe I’d put some sort of sticker in the window that said something like “100% powered by Bulb renewable energy!” with a QR code with the referal link.

@carl7265 I’d love to see the Bulb pink on our member’s EVs! It would be quite a big project to do (you would need a different wrap designed and printed for each model), but we’d certainly look into it if there werelots of members who would want to participate.

@katherine244 we’ve gotten a tonne of requests for window stickers and this is something we’ll make available soon =).