Careful guys n gals ripped off when leaving

When I left on the 26th October my Gas reading was 01120

I have since been billed for the 1st – 30th November with an estimated reading, 1st December and charged £38.16,
I Have actually been overcharged by 124 units, and 35 days standing charge.

C I left on the 26th October so it’s impossible for me to run up any more gas bill, or electric bill.

My last readings as I left were

Gas 01120
Electric 13443

i have a smart meter which only works on electric, hence i think i have been overbilled just on gas

no reply to email after a week…

Hi @NevG,

Really sorry to hear that you’ve left us, and also that you’re not happy with the final bill that’s been sent to you.

We only ever charge you for the time that you’ve been with Bulb when we’re sending final bills, and the readings we base these off are sent to us from your new supplier. If you think these are wrong, make sure to check with them too as they’ll be charging you based off those reads too!

I’ve replied to your email, and I’ll be happy to help going forward.

Freya :bulb: