I converted via MSE to Bulb back in November, when will I get my £25 cashback (£12.50 per utility)?

If you mean the exit fees from your previous supplier see here -

Hi @Phina33, I presume you’re referring to the cashback that MSE gives to people switching. If so, you’ll need to contact MSE directly about this as it’s provided by them, rather than by Bulb.

(For reference, Bulb pay MSE for your switch, MSE then pass some of that money onto you.)

@Phina33 I got £30 cashback from MSE when I first switched to Bulb (didn’t know about the referral scheme at the time) and I think it took a few months. You have to first complete your switch and then it takes a while to process too. I will check my bank statements and let you know how long it took.

Hi @Phina33 These guys are right - I’d give MSE a call to check up on the cashback they promised you, as it looks like your supply came successfully came over to us via MSE at the beginning of December.

@Phina33 I joined Bulb in May and got my cashback in August.

Brilliant stuff, thanks all!