When I signed up for Bulb it said I was entitled to £50 cashback but I’m not sure how or when this is facilitated? This sign up was not related to the refer a friend initiative.

Hi @dcweather - whereabouts have you seen this offer? Personally, I’m not aware of any deal like this at the moment and the only one Bulb offer would be the £50 to refer a friend.

Hey @dcweather. We currently only have a refer a friend scheme. You signed up through our website without a referral code so we won’t be crediting your account. You do have your own referral code though. So you can send this out to friends and family and receive £50 for each switch you initiate.

One of the reasons I switched to Bulb was that it was a promotion that said get £50 cashback when you switch. That was before joining and the friend referral. I have been badly misled here. It definitely said that.

Hi @dcweather.

Can you let me know where you saw this offer? I would like to know if there is any misleading information printed somewhere.

There are some price comparison websites that offer £50 cashback. These websites credit the money to you, not Bulb.

We have a ‘refer a friend’ offer in which £50 of credit is put in your Bulb Account and £50 of credit is put in the account of the person who referred you.