Catch up bills

BBC - “Energy firms will be banned from charging catch-up bills for gas and electricity used more than 12 months earlier”.

Please can someone confirm Bulb’s policy on this; if a client account is in debit and monthly payments are unlikely to put the account to credit in sufficient time before usage increases again (winter); is a one off bill issued? Is a bill issued on the anniversary of signing up to Bulb for back billing? Will Bulb contact customers to increase monthly direct debit where usage exceeds prediction / forecasts when the account was started?


@JJFS your question involves two separate issues.

  1. If a bill failure – such as missing meter technical details – stops Bulb from being able to bill a customer for energy usage for more than a year, and then we fix the bill failure (perhaps we finally recieve the meter technical details), will we charge for energy used more than a year ago? The answer is ‘no’, we won’t.

  2. If we charge a customer for energy but they don’t pay for it, will we continue asking for payment, even if this process takes more than a year? The answer is ‘yes’, we will.

The catch-up bills that the BBC report discussed relate to case (1), not case (2).