Celebrating Solar During the Summer Solstice

On Saturday, it was the summer solstice. For those of us in the northern hemisphere this was the longest day of the year - 17 hours of daylight on average! As this year fell on a weekend, I spent the whole day outside on the BBQ.

However, summer solstice is not just a day for tanning or druid based activities, more sun also means lots of solar power. And at Bulb, it’s no secret that we love solar power. The sun’s rays make up 24% of the electricity we supply to our members and it plays a vital role in our mission to lower C02.

Therefore, in light of this special day, we wrote a blog post about some recent solar moments we think need to be celebrated.

  • Solar is the world’s fastest-growing energy technology. By the end of last year, the world’s installed solar power had increased to 600 gigawatts (GW)., Despite the covid shutdown, we’re still expecting this to grow by another 142 GW in 2020.

  • The sun was responsible for 4% of the UK electricity. This is mind blowing when you compare to only a decade ago when 3% of the grid came from all renewables like wind and solar.

  • The UK’s biggest solar farm has been approved. It is going to be able to supply power to 91,000 homes and prevent 70,000 tonnes of C02 entering the atmosphere every year.

  • Surprisingly, the UK is the eighth largest producer of solar wind in the world. In 2019, we generated an impressive 12,677 GWh of solar power.

What’s most exciting about all this is that solar is growing fast and everyday it’s playing a large role in the UK’s energy market.

I’m keen to know what your thoughts are on the future of solar generation both on an industrial scale or on a domestic scale (maybe we’ll all be supplying our local neighbourhoods soon), Does solar stack up to wind power? What kind of setup do you use?

Earlier this month, @Phillip_PAL shared some fascinating insights into his solar setup at home. If anyone hasn’t seen this thread, I highly recommend you check it out.

Equally if you have any summer solstice anecdotes would love to hear those too

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Is there any solar Scheen been rolled out? Would be very interested in some panels on our home

Hi @robcorrie247

We don’t install solar panels ourselves, although we do pay you for the energy you export from them in our export tariff. (Which is itself a scheme).

There is quite a good Which? article on installing Solar Panels through buyback schemes and which installers are the best to go to, I’d have a read:


As well as this one with buying advice:


(And of course if you do decide to install some then hit us up to receive payments for the energy you export back into the grid :upside_down_face:)