Chameleon IHD 6 reboot loop

I had smart meters fitted approximately 10 months ago the IHD as been working fine then all of a sudden Friday 8th May 2020 around 22:00 the on screen numbers displayed disappeared, the graphic were still displayed - so I rebooted it. Since then it has been in a constant reboot loop. Not sure whether there had been a software update that has broken it. I’ve reset the IDH done everything suggested on the forum. I’ve reset the online meter system twice and waited 48 hours each time to no avail. When the restart cycle begins connects in the top right and left of the screen are flashing the right one which is the Wi-Fi connects within seconds then the meter icon flashes between 6 - 10 times then reboots. Occasionally it tries to connects with one bar and states ‘connection lost’ on the display, I have moved the IHD within 2 metres of the meters and repeated everything again to no avail. Software version is IHD6-CAD-PPMID 1.6 CAD 1.9

Hi @alan6,

I’m sorry for the issues you’ve been having with your IHD recently. I’ve sent you an email so we can look into your case and get this sorted.


I have this problem again too. Last time Bulb rebooted the comms hub and it started working again.

Was up for the last two months but has now fallen back to being unable to connect to either meter and stuck in the reboot cycle again.

Hi @MortBM sorry to hear that you’re having the same problem as before.

I’ve emailed you so that we can discuss this further. I can request for the comms hub to be rebooted again.