Chameleon IHD and Economy 7

Hi all,
Yesterday I got a smart meter installed and I was given the Chameleon IHD (model IHD6-CAD-PPMID) that I could configure quickly and I think it’s working properly . But I have a question: I can set different views like “so far today” or “so far this week” and in any of those, if I click on the value it changes from price to kWh but the only problem is when it’s showing energy it has only one value even if I have the economy 7 tariff. Is there any way I can show “day” and “night” energy consumption in whatever period I select? I can go to the meter, click a button and it’ll show the different readings but I haven’t found how to do that through the IHD.

By the way, just after installing the smart meter it already read 1.9kWh. How is that possible? It should have read close to 0!

Thank you!

Hi @javigh :wave:

I’m glad that your smart install went smoothly!

So your IHD should show both your readings. It may be that your night reading will appear when the night rate kicks in, so would you be able to check this and let me know how you get on?

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Hi @megan_at_bulb !
Thank you for the response. I checked this morning, before the change to ‘day’ tariff and I didn’t see any difference with the values shown in the ‘day’ period. “Usage now” just shows the current power and price/hour, “so far today” shows the total consumption/price since 00:00AM and it doesn’t change depending if you’re in one period or another and the same happens with the other views, only one energy value. What I’d like is in all of those views to have two values: “day” and “night”, so in the “so far today” view would say something like “night: 1.05 kWh; day: 2.3 kWh” but I haven’t found the option.

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Edit: I just went to the Chameleon page and in the FAQs says:

2. Why can’t I see my day rate and night rate on the IHD?
Your In-Home Display shows your rate as communicated from your smart meter/meters. If the meter has not been programmed to read and transmit both day and night rates, the In-Home Display won’t show that. Please contact your energy supplier for more information. "
So I guess my smart meter is not programmed to show that. Is there any way I can change it?


Could you please let me know whether your issue has been resolved. I have been facing the similar issue with my recently installed SMART meter (SKU2 Ceullar +Mesh), and each time I got in touch with the Online Support, I was told that I was in tutorial mode and need to exit to read my data. Whilst the IHD unit does show live readings for my Electricity and Gas, it does not show separate readings for my Day and Night usage.

Any help appreciated.

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Hi @anjogoo . I still have the same problem. The IHD only shows one energy reading not two for “day” and “night” periods. I guess they have to change some mode in the smart meter as the IHD user manual from the manufacturer clearly states that is the smart meter the one that sends the data in certain format and the IHD just shows it.

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Hi @javigh and @anjogoo :wave:

These are good questions.

@javigh I understand that you mean. You’d like to know how much usage you’ve had during the day, and how much during the night, over the course of the day. Your meter and IHD are configured to show both day and night usage. However, your IHD will only show the day reading/usage during the day and the night reading/usage during the nighttime. You will have to wait until the off peak hours to see your off peak usage. Sadly, IHDs like yours can’t give the granular breakdown of usage over the course of the day.

The alternative that I’d suggest is taking a look at your statements each month, and looking at the proportion of use in the night vs. the day. You can use that to estimate what day/night usage would be over the course of the day. I know that this isn’t as granular as you’d like, but it’s the best possible option for you I’d say.

@anjogoo thanks for posting and welcome to community :relaxed: Again, your IHD will only show your day reading/usage during the day and your night reading/usage during the night. So, as you say, a ‘live’ reading. IHDs like yours won’t show both readings at the same time. I’m sorry about that.

If any of that doesn’t make sense, or you have any questions, please do get back to us.

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Niamh :bulb:

Hi @Niamh_at_Bulb ,
I’m not sure is correct when you say the IHD will show the day reading/use during the day and the night reading during the night. The IHD always shows the TOTAL amount of energy used up to that point in the day, week or month, depending on the view, but it’s the TOTAL (day usage + night usage), not the day or night reading. As you can see from the user manual of my IHD from the manufacturer, it clearly says the IHD can do it but the smart meter has to be configured to transmit those values. What I think it is happening is that my smart meter is only transmitting the TOTAL value, not two separated values for day and night.

I’m going to try with an example with some values to be clear. My night tariff starts at 1:30 BST and ends at 8:30 BST.
Current behaviour on the “so far today” view:
00:00 - 0.00kWh
01:25 - 0.30kWh
01:35 - 0.35kWh
08:25 - 0.55kWh
08:35 - 0.60kWh
What I would like to see is:
00:00 - day: 0.00kWh night: 0.00kWh
01:25 - day: 0.30kWh night: 0.00kWh
01:35 - day: 0.32kWh night: 0.03kWh
08:25 - day: 0.32kWh night: 0.23kWh
08:35 - day: 0.35kWh night: 0.25kWh
Thank you!