Chameleon IHD not so smart meter


Ever since I had a smart meter installed the IHD has never worked. I’ve reset it multiple times but that doesn’t work, I’ve logged into my Bulb account, reset the connection and that doesn’t work. I’ve even sat it on top the meter box and that doesn’t work.

Has anyone actually managed to get theirs to work?

Should I just drive over the stupid thing?

Any response from anyone would be appreciated before I decide to throw the device in the bin.

Thanks James

Hi @stutter :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with your IHD.

From what I can see looking at your account, the device has connected to us on our side, however it is failing to bring the readings through from the meters. This particular issue will relate to a firmware problem in the device itself, rather than a connection problem to us. These firmware issues are fixed by updates issued to the IHD from the DCC, which is the organisation that runs the smart network for the UK. Therefore if you have the device connected to your WiFi, this should be fixed in the future by an upcoming update.

Unfortunately these updates are not something we have control over. I appreciate that this is a frustrating situation, however I would recommend for the time being that you monitor your usage via the usage page on the online account.

-Luke :bulb:

Hi Luke,

Thanks for the response. I’ll leave it switched off for the time being and turn it on every now and then to check for firmware updates.