Chameleon Smart Meter Dead

Had a Chameleon Smart meter (IHD3-CAD-PPMID) fitted a few weeks ago. It has never displayed gas info and only occasionally displays electricity info.

Today it has started moving between screens randomly and beeping. The buttons on the front don’t do anything and the on/off button on the back also doesn’t do anything.

What do I do to bring it back to life?


Chameleon don’t make smart meters. They do, however, make In Home Display devices.

The smart meters are the things directly connected in line with your electricity and gas supplies.

Aside from the IHDs not working properly for months (check out many other threads on this forum), it sounds like yours have packed up property and will need to be replaced. Have you tried holding the button on the back for several seconds to get it to turn off, rather than just pressing it once? If it’s completely unresponsive I’d suggest you contact Bulb directly about it rather than via this customer forum.

You might also try unplugging it and allowing the battery to to become completely discharged.

Hi @DopeyDan There is a blog post about this. When running the battery down, there is actually a back-up battery, so you will need to run it down, until it no longer turns on at all