Change Account into joint names

How do I change my account into joint names.

Sent email to bulb as advised by chat to email bulb after joining which I did but not sorted yet.

Help Support requested an email from 2nd account holder which was sent but still not sorted. I am loosing faith in bulb and wonder if they will live up to the promises they made. I hope I haven’t switched to a rubbish service.

Hi @ketan2383, sorry to hear that we’re causing you some trouble. For legal reasons, we would need to have an email verification from the 2nd account holder. From then on, we won’t need you to verify them when they call in.

2nd account holder has already emailed to confirm as per my comments below. I hope this issue is now sorted as I cannot tell from my online account.

How do we confirm the account is now in joint names ?

@ketan2383 I can confirm your wife has been set up as a joint account holder, You won’t be able to see this change on your online account, but your statement will be addressed to you both. You can check your first statement to make sure :slight_smile: