Change account owner


I’m moving out of a shared house and need to transfer ownership and payment details of the account to my house mate.

How should I do this?

NB The person I am moving in with is already a bulb customer so I don’t need to worry about moving my details to a new address.


I think the house mate needs to phone Bulb from a legal point of view.

Hi Natalya,

Give us a call when you’re with your new housemate and we can change over the names of the property. If you can’t do that you can just move out of the property and then have the new housemate call us and set up their account. In order to move home, you need to log into your Bulb account and click on the moving home icon or follow this link It will ask you to supply the final meter readings. We will issue you a final bill within 6 weeks. It will also give you the option of adding your new property.