Change address

I change address and cancel direct debit on old property and open new on new property

Hi there @Kokorek7502 Congratulations on the house move! Thanks for getting in touch. Regarding the old property, if you could send us your meter readings on the day you move out, either by clicking the ‘move out’ icon in the top right of your bulb account (it looks like a lorry), by email at or by calling us up on 0300 30 30 635, then we’ll close the old account up. For the new house, if you’ve taken possession already then we can start switching that house over now. You should be able to sign up on our website the usual way, making sure to use the same username and password for your account as you have been using so far (your mybulb account will be the same, the property it’s attached to will change). If you’ve forgotten your password, we can reset it for you, and the email address you’re using for this email should still work.

Once you’ve signed up the new house, the switch takes 21 days to complete, so there will be a short period of usage for which you will need to pay the existing supplier. It would probably be a good idea to get in touch with them with meter readings from the new house as soon as possible, so that they give you an accurate bill.