Change direct debit date

Can anyone tell me how to chage my direct debit date. I have signed into my account and I can change my direct debit details but not the date. I only want to change date not the details.

Dashboard → Payments and statements → Payment Settings

Click the drop-down selection box under “Payment date”.

Be aware that if you change the date to something close, you may end up paying twice. For example, if you payment date is the 3rd of the month, and then on the 5th you change it to the 20th, you’ll end up paying twice in one month.

Hi @Nickynacks,

As @Hooloovoo explained you can change your direct debit amount and date in both the app and online. Just head to the payments and statements section and click on payment settings. This will bring up the page shown above where you can edit both. :slight_smile: