Change from economy 7 meter

Hi. I am a bulb customer with an old economy 7 meter and storage heaters.

I have now removed the heaters and want to go onto a single rate meter.

Bulb say that I need to have a smart fitted but initially it will be set up as a 2 rate meter and then at some stage they will remotely change it to a single rate.

Has anyone on the forum had experience of doing this and was it a straight forward process.

Is there a better way to make the change.

Any advice would be much appreciated please.



Hey @Norman70 :wave:

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If you have had your storage heaters removed, did you get a report or certificate from an electrician about this? We would just need to confirm they were removed and the set up was nice and safe.

If so, we might be able to install the smart meters as a 1 rate straight away- we can double check for you if you’d like? :relaxed:

– H :bulb:

Thanks for the reply.

I do not have a certificate for the removal but it’s only the heaters that have been removed.

This has been done at the wall connection outlets so safety is not an issue.

If the meter can be installed as single rate that would be ideal.


PS I have cross posted this to the correct part of the forum

Hi my names Thomas Green l, I was on 1 meter for my storage heaters wen I lived in the sky SCRAPERS, AKA THE THE MULTI STORY’S, I HAD NO ISSUE WEN THEY Started ripping them out to put in the gas radiators, But by ti’s timr I was flitting

Hi @Norman70

Hmm, in that case would you be able to get some sort of letter/email from the electrician that did the work saying the heaters were removed? :thinking:

The issue we have is storage heaters require a particular kind of meter, which there aren’t currently smart versions of. As policy to remove one of these meters and replace them with a smart meter our engineers request proof the storage heaters are no longer in use to prevent anyone being left without heating after the exchange. We can’t book these jobs with them without sending the proof over.

If you can get that for us we should be good to go :+1:

Hi Norman, I am in exactly the same position. Removed Storage Heaters to replace with Electric Radiators which plug into the mains as opposed to the old wall sockets. I would like to get them plugged into the old wall sockets, if the circuit could be moved to provide electricity 24/7 as opposed to just 7 hours at night, but need the meter to be changed for this I think.

Hi. I have decided to keep my old meter for the time being as it’s not worth the hassle of changing it. I don’t particularly want a smart meter anyway.

My main reason for changing was that I thought the daytime rate on economy 7 would be uneconomical compared to the normal single rate unit price but there’s very little difference.

I will have changes made to the consumer unit wiring so the old circuits are not on the switched output from the old meter.

Thanks for update. Do you know if a qualified electrician can make that switch to the circuits or do the electricity company need to do it? I have a Electrician coming out, but would like to understand as much as I can before he arrives.

Hi @aezr - welcome to Community :wave:

As your supplier, Bulb is only responsible for your meter and isolator switch. Your heating set up and any wiring related to appliances would be down to an electrician to sort.

It’s always worth asking these questions before the work begins so let me know if there’s anything else I can help with :slightly_smiling_face:

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At the time of switching to a smart meter back in December 2019, I was on Economy 7, and still am! Nothing but issues since. I would recommend saying no to a smart meter until you have selected you are on your chosen single price supply.

Welcome to Community also @Hellhound :wave: I’m sorry it’s not under better circumstances.

I can see that you’ve been emailing my colleague and they’re going to get this issue raised with our smart team, and also get your bills all up to date.

I’m sorry it’s taken to long to resolve! If you have any other queries about your case, or need me to chase an update please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

All the best,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Good advice.

You have confirmed my concerns about switching to a Smart meter and I have cancelled my switch.

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a big price differential between single rate and E7 daytime rate so I am happy to stick with an E7 rate at the moment but if Bulb would switch me to a single rate and combine my 2 readings I would be even happier!

Hi @Norman70

If the price difference isn’t significant enough then staying on the current meter may well be best if you’re not interested in smart.

To get you onto a flat rate tariff we would need to replace the meter. That’d be free for smart but £120 for a ‘legacy’ meter like the current one. I appreciate that cost might offset any tariff savings.

If you do ever change your mind just let us know, we’re all ears :ear:

Thanks for the reply.

I notice some suppliers will allow a flat rate tariff for legacy E7 meters and combine both readings from the meter and charge the total at the flat rate.

EON for example offer this on their website.

can Bulb do likewise please.


Hi @Norman70

That’s not something we offer I’m afraid. We’ll charge a meter to the way it’s configured as policy, and we’d need to replace the economy 7 meter to change the tariff.


A good move, I would say.

My Mum was advised by Bulb to switch to a smart meter to move from a dual rate to a single rate - a simple switch once the smart meter was in place (Bulb support told her). She didn’t want a smart meter, but did it just for this reason.

Roll forward 1 year and 10 months later: despite constant querying - nothing.

I fully expect the 2 years to come up without anything having changed.

I’m sorry @Norman70 that your mum’s had issues regarding her smart meter. It’s obviously not a good example of how smart meters can be beneficial.

I don’t suppose you’re named on her account are you? I could then take a look to see what the issue is.

All the best,