Change from economy 7 to standard tariff

I was recently advised by Bulb that the easiest way to change from Eco 7 to a standard tarif is to install a smart meter and then the switch can be done remotely. However i have no option to book an installation on my account. I was told to check from 1st April as it can take up to 6 weeks from setting up my account for this option to show. It’s still not showing. Any help on whether this is just a delay or if it’s because my property is not legible for one?

To confirm the reason i am changing - removed the storage heaters that were no longer working and replaced with electric pannel. Not cost effective to be on Eco 7.

Hey @lisa_10191 Welcome to our community :bulb:

We can see our automated smart install form is not working for you, I will need to email you for some meter photos, please reply there and I will help you with this.

–Carl :smiley: