Change in energy rates on April

I would like to know what information to provide to Bulb so that the correct calculation of energy use for the pre cap rate up to April 1st is applied for April bills where they straddle two rates.

The way I see it, and in the absence of any guidance from Bulb, is that they will charge the new rate for the entire month’s energy use in all April bills - which is unfair.

The assumption by many is that we should all take meter readings in the 31st, but it isn’t clear this is the action to take, or whether Bulb’s systems will give more detailed bills in April showing the correct apportionment of the two rates for G and E.

Advice please.

Whenever the prices have changed I have always submitted meter readings first thing on the day they change and Bulb have always used these readings to provide an accurate bill. I suggest everyone does the same.


I don’t believe that is correct. Usage up to midnight 31/03/22 will be at the current rates (for units and standing charge) and from 0:00 01/04/2022 will be at the new, higher rates.
If you have a smart meter, this should be automatic. The meter reading is transmitted each day at midnight. I believe your April bill will thus have two section: one up to midnight 31/03/22 and one afterwards. [Bulb: please correct me if this is not the case]

But I seek clarification on when (and how) smart meter data will be changed. The meter reading will continue to be continuously updated (every 10 seconds I believe). And available on the home display. But the home display unit will need the new rates to convert the kWh to currency. Do I need to do anything so this works correctly? Do I need to do anything with WiFi?

We should all be able to check things are working fine a few minutes after 0:00 01/04/2022. Today’s use should update with the new daily standing charge (inclusive of VAT). As contrasted with today and tomorrow, when the ‘old’ lower rate will be used of course.

Can Bulb please confirm this is correct? And maybe clarify on the main web site?

Many thanks

I’ve always sent in readings the evening before a price change. In spite of this, Bulb still estimate the very same readings. Sometimes, they estimate higher and sometimes lower. But never enough to make much difference; usually £2 or less.

I appreciate that this time the increase is much higher, so will monitor the end result and take it up with them, as appropriate

My billing date is 6th of the month so I always submit readings 4th of the month, but when there’s a price change I also submit readings on the day of the change and have always had my readings used to calculate the bill up to and after the price change. I don’t have smart meters btw. If my readings aren’t used I will be complaining.

I’ve just got off the phone to Bulb and this was their advice if you don’t have a smart meter.
Submit your meter readings on the 31st March and again when you would normally submit them for that month and this will produce a bill of the old and new price for your energy.

Well that advice worked well didn’t it, judging on the amount of posts complaining of waiting for hours in a queue only to be told they can’t submit their readings. :roll_eyes:

I, on the other hand, did what I usually do and waited until first thing this morning to submit my readings and had no trouble getting on the site at all. I will submit my usual monthly readings again on 4th.

Seems home display units have not yet been updated to new rates. They (or, at least, mine) are still using the old pre April 1st rates. Phoned bulb had no idea when this would be fixed. So don’t rely on what your home display units says you have used. The only thing you can rely on is the ‘meter reading’ which is obv. OK. But all ‘usage’ figures in money will be a big under-estimate of what you will actually be billed.