Change In Payments/Invoice


I’ve recently checked my meter readings as I have not properly submitted a meter reading for 7 months. I thought I had done so but I was incorrect. My new reading shows I have used 586GBP in one month when this is obviously incorrect (this is over a 7 month time span). I am worried that the system will pick this up as a fault. But in this case it is the amount due. I would like to pay that entire summary due but from reading the forums/help, there is no option, but instead only monthly payments that build up credit.

Can someone please explain how this is paid through a build up or credit, or if an invoice is created and sent to my bank.

Thank you

Hey @AdamGormley

This month’s bill was the first time we have had a meter reading from you in a while, therefore we have been using estimates in the meantime.

This high bill is therefore a reflection of how much we had been underestimating your usage previously, as well as your consumption for the month.

To prevent shock bills such as this, we advise entering your meter readings at least every three months. The more readings we get, the more accurate our estimates will be.

To pay this in a one off payment we can send you a link to do this otherwise your payments would likely be increased to help recover this debt faster.

Let us know and we will send the link to you.

–Carl :bulb: