Change in statement format

Why has the statement format been abbreviated so that the method of calculating your gas use yourself has been made impossible? No longer can I find the formula or the calorific value for the current period.
S & G Price

@gs693 Thanks for raising this to us. This is a bug I am afraid. we haven’t changed the statement format, we always want you to be able to calculate your own gas usage. As you changed tariffs during the month, the readings are longer than normal and the bottom of the statement has been cut off. Thanks very much for picking this up, we will get it over the Tech Team right away.

I have posted an example gas calculation below to help you to do this in the meantime. Your next statement should be back to normal, please let us know if it isn’t.


Thanks very much for that, Laura

Can I be clear for the future whether the calorific value given in the “Explaining your gas usage box” does actually change from statement to statement as the actual value changes, or is it just as example of what it could be?

@gs693 It changes depending on the actual calorific value in your area. It’s usually around 39.3 but can fluctuate by around 0.2.