Change of direct debit date.

I am due to change to bulb over the next week or so. Is it possible for my direct debit to be paid on the 1st of each month not the 29th?

@wiggy63 thanks for getting touch. I can confirm that the payment date has now been changed to the 1st :slight_smile:

Many thanks.

I contacted your company to change the date of my direct debit on my bulb account to the 28 January 2017 but now have received email saying my direct debit failed as you asked for it on the 18 January 2017. Now I will be charged by my bank and you state you will try again in 5 days time when I don’t want this to happen. Not a good start as I’ve just gone live on 18 Jan. I’m very upset. Can you help please.

In addition I would actually prefer the direct debit to be on the last working day of each month would be possible please?

@ainos_1959, thanks for getting in touch with us. My colleague informed me that the payment date has been changed to the 1st of every month and the direct debit will not take another payment out in 5 days. If the worst scenario that any money is taken out incorrectly we will refund you the money back straight away.

OK thank you its good to know that your company listens when such a predicament like this happens and it is resolved amicably.