Change of direct debit

This has been resolved thank you

Hey @ainos_1959, further to the reply on the other thread you commented on. We really appreciate the feedback you gave to Helen when you called us earlier on. Our members are the best source of feedback in terms of helping the sign-up process be as clear as possible, especially in regards to the advance payment.

Hi I just received an email from bulb stating my direct debit will come out in 3 days from today when I spoke to Helen at bulb she ensurEd me my first payment would come out on the 1st Feb 2016. I was was told this would not happen earlier as you have already attempted to take it on the 18 January 2017 and now I’m going to be charged by my bank because of insufficient funds. Can someone please tell me what is going on ? This is not a good start considering I just changed over to you this month. Help!!

Hi @ainos_1959, sorry for this mix up, glad we got this all sorted out for you. have a great weekend

Can anyone please help me with my last question regarding the first payment not showing on my account as it states it is zero when it should show a first payment debited on the 1st Feb 2017. Please respond

Hey there @ainos_1959, we’re really sorry for not getting back to you quick enough. I see that you’ve got in touch with us and we’re on the case to sort it out.