Change of gas supplier AND changing from Economy 7 to standard day rate

Hi all.
I’ve just had a new gas connection to my property and gas meter installed by SSE who Cadent used for the meter installation. I’m not in contract with SSE and currently doing pay-as-you-go with them. I’m having a new central heating system installed next week so will be getting rid of the rubbish economy 7 storage heaters.
How do I now switch my gas to Bulb who I’m already with for my electric?
Also, my electric is currently economy 7 and I want to switch to standard electric. How do I go about doing this? The economy 7 meters are extremely old (1930’s house) and so would like a new electric meter installed in the garage as the current ones are in the house and the RCD moved to the garage as well.

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Thank you for reaching out!

We just need to apply to take over the gas supply. I’ve sent you an email now so we can get the meter supply number (MPRN) and a photo of the meter.

With the electricity, we would need an electricians report showing that the storage heaters have been removed and no reliance on the 5th terminal. We can then discuss the options for a new meter and change from 2-rate to 1-rate.

If the meter needs to be moved quite a large distance, the DNO would also need to be involved.

If you have any questions, let me know.


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Great, thanks Cara.
Just been speaking to Edward B. on webchat and he’s told me the same things so all is good for now. Gas switch is underway :slight_smile:

Hi @gaz_sat

Great- glad you’re getting this sorted. Anything else, just pop me an email and I’ll take a look.

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Hi Cara, can you please expedite a change from Economy 7 to normal single rate day tariff please. We have now had all the work done to remove the old ecomony 7 storage heaters and removal of the “5th” terminal which prevented this happening last year. In light of the enormous electricity price hike about to start I need this doing as quickly as possible in addition to getting the existing meters replaced with a smart meter. I’ve included a new picture of the meters and our electrician assures us that a move to single day rate can be accomplished along with replacement of the dual-rate meter and radio meter.

** Update ** I can’t seem to attach any pictures to this post, it doesn’t let me

Not hijacking your thread, but watching it with interest and have some relevant info…

If Bulb suggest replacement of your current dual rate standard meter with a free install of a smart meter on a dual rate, that can then be configured after installation to be the single rate you want, then you need to be aware that there are a few of us on this forum that have been waiting literally years for this reconfiguration to happen - there’s a waiting list that just doesn’t seem to move at all, and we’ve been told “hopefully soon, can’t do it now” multiple times over those years. That’s despite Bulb themselves telling us that this was the simplest and easiest way to move from dual rate to single rate - it turns out that they couldn’t (and still can’t) actually do it. I’ve seen Bulb recommend this approach to others recently too, with the implication that you’ll be switched over to single rate quite soon - I’d be very wary of believing that, given that my Mum’s been waiting two and half years for this to happen - although maybe someone from Bulb could give a definitive update on this?

If you don’t opt for a smart meter to get a single rate, then Bulb will likely charge you for the replacement of your standard dual rate meter with a standard single rate meter, although your experience may vary.

Interested to see what they reply with and suggest…

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you,

I can see one of my colleagues has asked you for some information over email. If you get back to her there then she can help get this sorted for you :grinning:

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