Change of home

I’ve moved house and still using bulb - I changed this online and payments have started to come out for the new house. However, when I log online to see my payments it’s not updated to the new address and says that the account has closed but I’m still able to see the payments from the old house. How do I see new house payments? Etc…

I have the same problem. PLEASE HELP MR BULB IF YOU ARE OUT THERE???

You both need to contact Bulb customer services about this problem, not this community forum. Contact details are available at the bottom of the “Help” page.

Hi @Jessieally123 ,

We just needed to merge your two accounts into the same one so you can see both with us. I’ve now done this so when you login you can toggle between properties in your online accounts. I’ve done this for @clivea1983 as well.

We can also remove the email from the closed account if you’d like to have it removed from sight all together.



Thankyou @“Oisin at Bulb”

Thankyou @Oisin at Bulb