Change of meter to a smart meter

I can’t seem to contact bulb

Can I have a smart meter

Hi @gordoncoles9

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At the moment we only install credit smart meters (so you would pay by direct debit)

You have a prepaid meter so the first thing we would have to do would be a soft credit check.

If you would like me to proceed with the check please let me know.


Can I have a smart metre installed please. Been waiting since the start of covid but obviously engineers couldn’t get out.
Now we are safer to do so can I book a date to get one installed please.

Thank you.

Hi @siewassell :wave:

I responded on this thread so if you could reach out via phone that would be great. Or we can send an email if easier.

Thank you,

Email would be easier please Cara.

Kind regards

Simon Wassell

Hi @siewassell

I’ve just sent over an email now so we can get you a slot booked in. If you could get back to me there when you could that’d be great :bulb: :email: