Change of meter

I’ve currently got an Economy 7 meter but would like to change to a normal meter. How do I go about such a change and is there a charge?

Hi Mike, I have changed your agreement to a single-rate agreement, so you will have the same tariff day and night. There is no charge for this. I have noticed that your switch has been objected to - you should have received an email about this. Please can you contact your current supplier to see why they objected? Thanks, Owen

Hi @“Owen at Bulb” and apologies for resurrecting an old thread… Do bulb no longer allow single rate agreements with economy 7 meters? I’ve joined and only just discovered I’m on an economy 7 tarrif - eon, British gas and npower have all been happy to supply a standard tarrif on the economy 7 meter and there are a number of posts on the bulb community to back up this is something you can do… However your customer service team tell me my only option is to either pay £120 for a single rate meter or leave bulb and join another supplier who will install a single rate meter and then re-join bulb.

Please can you advise?